March 30, 2013


 The traditional Slavonic Easter basket:

Pascha- The Easter Bread, a sweet yeast bread rich in eggs and butter, is symbolic of Christ Himself who is the True Bread. Usually a round loaf baked with a golden crust.

Horseradish, mixed with grated red beets- A bitter-sweet red coloured mixture, symbolic of the Passion still in our minds but sweetened with some sugar because of the Resurrection.

Cheese- Creamed cheese, placed in a dish and decorated with symbols out of cloves or pepper balls, indicative of the moderation that Christians should have in all things.

Pisanki- Hard-boiled eggs decorated with symbols and markings, traditionally dyed using wax to draw the designs. (I cheated. Not having a dye kit, I got some little plastic sleeves that shrink to fit the egg when placed in boiling water.) Symbolic of new life and the Resurrection.

Butter- The butter is molded into a figure of a lamb or small cross. A reminder of the goodness of Christ that we should have toward all things.

Kielbasa- A spiced pork sausage, often smoked, indicative of God's favour and generosity.

Bacon- Uncooked and cured with spices, symbolic of the overabundance of God's mercy toward us.

Salt- A reminder of our duty toward others.

The articles are placed in a wicker basket with a ribbon or bow tied to the handle. A linen cover is placed over the food when brought to the church, and a decorated candle is placed in the basket to be lit during the blessing.

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  1. The horseradish ... my Polish mother-in-law makes this at Easter!


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