March 31, 2014

Going out

I love my downtown. It's so tiny and quaint.

Though actually there are two around here; my town has a downtown, which is three blocks long at most, and the city next over has one as well, which is the one pictured here.

 It's bigger, but still not very large by any stretch of the imagination, and quaint in its own way.

  I don't go very often, so it's rather a treat.

I did go two Saturdays ago, however, for dinner. 

And ice cream.

Granted, it doesn't take much to excite me; I don't get out much.
But it was fun.


So, I made a baby blanket quilt. And gave it away without taking a single photograph. Which is too bad, because it was fluffy and had flowers on it. Not to brag or anything...

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