March 21, 2014

When the day begins after less than six hours of sleep

Alarm goes off. Pretend alarm clock is an extraordinarily loud mosquito and attack accordingly. Wait customary three minutes before getting out of bed, because sitting there a little longer is going to make you less tired. Ha. Do whatever it is that's supposed to be done. Get dressed. You're not going to remember this anyway. Makeup. Try the new foundation you bought. Turns out, it's too dark. Lightest shade my foot. Running out of time, so decide to hide it with powder. Now earrings, which should be in the little fancy canister. Spend at least two minutes trying to scoop them out. Make tea, the lazy way. Honestly, you can't put the kettle on all the time. Then splash of milk, add the sugar, pour it in a travel mug. Grab your bag and backpack, leave for work.

7:00 a.m. Arrive, say hello and goodbye, and go inside. Put your stuff down, head for the couch, and lay down and drink the tea.

8:57 a.m. Hear the baby start talking. Wake up, check the clock and do the math. Over an hour, praise the Lord. Get up, and put the kettle on.

And now it really begins.

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