April 9, 2014

Tiny people are amusing.

We went to the Children's Museum, which it turns out is basically one large indoor fun factory. Because small Michaels may be happy anywhere so long as they have a train, but nannies get cabin fever. This was our second trip, so we were a bit smarter. It's half price after 2pm. And little miss nanny remembered to bring a drink for herself too this time. Nice move, that.

So we go in, and at first he was struck again by the muchness of it all, but next thing you know he's making stew for sailors. And frying cabbage. Yum.

We also drove a fire truck.

But my favourite moment, I think, was outside in the garden/playground:
"Wa's dis?"
"That? It's an ant."
"Ooh. Hi."
Ants are tough creatures. I think it survived being petted.

He tried to pet some pigeons later on.

I've also noticed that people tend to be befuddled whenever they hear me call him Mishka. It's a Slavic pet form of Michael, because pet forms are adorable and I don't like 'Mike'. Perhaps it's because it ends with 'a' and they might be taking it for a girl's name?

Anyway, we went for a walk afterward, and I stopped to take pictures of flowers. Of course I did.


  1. Petting an ant ... too cute!

    My husband's family is Polish and I would get odd looks when I used the Polish diminutives of my kid's names, but I love how the Eastern European's alter names, they sound so affectionate.

  2. It's good to pop in and read your latest posts! I particularly enjoyed your previous one with pictures of your everyday surroundings and fabulous ice cream and chocolate eye candy!

    Happy days to you!



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