August 29, 2013

Note to self: figure out what I've done with list of notes to self.

This has been one of those "listen up miss, you have to remember this" sort of talking to oneself weeks. As in, let's hope I remember that I'm out of milk before I need it for my tea, and don't make couscous again please, it tastes like sand. Today is the feast of St John the Baptist, and I did in fact remember not to use plates. Miracles do happen. Speaking of which, it is surprisingly challenging to butter toast in a bowl.

Of course, the whole point of carrying a little notebook around in which to write down reminders, dates, and miscellany of varying level of importance is so one can use it to look up those reminders, dates, and various miscellany. This becomes difficult if one cannot find said little notebook.

One last note to self: cactus flower photographs are a sufficiently random selection to accompany miscellaneous posts.

I know. I ramble.

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