August 21, 2013

It needs buttons.

I have finally gotten back on the Yarn Along train again, with this hat. The yarn is the same rose coloured softness that I bought months ago and am just now getting around to using. The pattern is version two of Mrs Micawbers Two Roads Hat. The end result is very satisfying; I love the wavy band, and it has a charming 1920's look to it when worn.

This photograph, being unedited, is closer to the actual shade. (I couldn't help myself on the last one. I went to correct the exposure and suddenly thought "I wonder what would happen if..." Voila.)

But it is not finished yet. Dear me, no. It needs buttons, you see, to cover up the line of joinings in the band. Luckily I happen to have some that match well, otherwise goodness knows how long it would take me to get some.

Oh yes, as for the reading... I am still ever so slowly finishing Bleak House. I am not used to taking so long to read a book, but it really is very long. Also, I am getting together the books I need for this class that I decided to audit. Because it looks like fun, and a brilliant excuse to read the Sherlock Holmes stories again.


As I was looking at the preview for this post, it struck me that the hat is nearly the same shade as the post title text. And also that perhaps I should change the colour for link text. Is it too hard to read do you think?


  1. Ooh that looks rather lovely, and I do like the colour. Very pretty.
    Thanks so much for popping by earlier and saying lovely things about my shawl! Have a happy week.
    Kate x

  2. Nope, it's not too hard to read. if it were a tad lighter it would be hard to read.

  3. Such a pretty knit!

    That course looks awesome ... if only I had more time!

  4. It's beautiful! I'm so glad you're happy with the pattern and I love that pink yarn.

    Bleak House IS a very long read - and very emotional (or it was for me). Some parts had me crying like a baby.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting on the pattern post. :)

    P.S. Annie seems to think this is a KNIT project - is this the influence of the OED? (As mentioned in her recent post on the definition of knitting vs. crochet.) ;)


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