April 19, 2013


Mostly, it's little things that make me happy. Noticing that the jasmine is starting to bloom. The lettuce that continues to grow and thrive despite my deficit in the gardening talent area. Crocheting a doily (another vintage pattern; I can't seem to stop). Someone spelling or pronouncing my name correctly.

Simple things. Life.

But then, on Monday we went to Sea World. That's a big thing, and it made me happy also.

And we were part of a special group, so we got to go in through the education gate, and go behind the scenes a bit.

Above the shark tunnel... don't get too near the edge!


  1. Hello lovely lady! I tried e-mailing you but I think our mails have disappeared into thin air somewhere! Perhaps you could try again sending me your postal address - we'll get there in the end, don't worry - to: sbmillefeuilles@live.fr

    I'm so very happy you won the harp music CD!


  2. Aren't dolphins just the most incredible creatures :D

    1. Indeed! And so photogenic: friendly, adorable, talented.
      The one thing I couldn't take photos of were the orca whales. They did a show with them, and it was absolutely fantastic. The close cooperation between the animals and the trainers just blows your mind, and both obviously have a grand time.


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