August 30, 2014

World Traveller

Well, not really. But "Time-zone Traveller" just sounded pathetic. I have not been around here because I have been Going Places and Doing Things. I went to Gainesville, where I took the two photographs above at the University of Florida campus. I've been wanting to get a picture of that tower, and when I finally had a chance all I had was the phone. Alas. I should get a proper camera, but I also need a new violin, and a car, and textbooks next semester.

Anyway... I also went on a trip to Maryland with Mishka and his mom. We flew there.

In an aeroplane.

In the actual sky.

Yes, I had never flown before. Or at least not since I was six months old.



I must say, the weather was glorious. When the plane landed we were in the last row and had to wait to disembark, and they opened the door behind us. We could immediately tell the difference in humidity level. During our stay, the average temperature was 77 degrees, with the highest humidity count at 30 percent. And people there complained of the heat. The heat!

By the time we came back to Florida, I was completely spoiled. I now can barely stand being outdoors for more than five minutes at a time.

Since we were in the Baltimore area, we made the most of our time and did the rounds of museums and such. That is, as much as we were able with a two-year-old in tow. So be prepared for the attack of the photographs, because most of them came out pretty well.

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  1. Maryland sounds like my kind of place ... 77 degrees sounds quite hot enough to me!


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