July 8, 2014

"From scratch"

I am tired of cooking from boxes. Not only is it all dyed and preserved, but pre-packaged is just plain boring. So this is my new project: I want to make at least one thing, every day, entirely from scratch. I don't care if it's a three course meal or just eggs and toast, but it isn't allowed to use any premade ingredients.

Day one was Yorkshire puddings. (A recipe from one of my beloved European cookbooks, so plenty of measurement conversion went on beforehand... I know, I need a scale. I'll get to it eventually.) I've always been a little confused about why they are referred to as "puddings" though. They seem more like dumplings to me. But whatever they are, they're delicious even when served with something that doesn't properly go with them. Like tuna salad. It was all I had.

Day two was banana bread, from the best banana bread recipe I've ever made. (It's this one. For me it has the perfect banana to cinnamon ratio.) I love this, and the funny thing is that I hate bananas. 

And then I got ambitious and decided that my little bread needed something fancy. Something like caramel lace. 

Fancy has a price though. Cleaning that pot was not fun.

Some were dramatically prettier than others.

Day three was french toast and scrambled eggs, but you shall have to take my word for it. The pictures were all blurry.

I'm going to plan on doing posts like this every week or so, to hold me accountable. Hopefully there will be improvement.

Slán go fóill, 


  1. That is such a nice idea. It's all too easy to reach for packets when we're pushed for time.

    I saw someone make caramel on a cookery programme and, when they'd scraped the caramel out of the pan, they filled it with water and put in back on the hob. I think the residual heat from the pan and stove top loosens the sugar from the sides of the pan and makes it a lot easier to clean. Or something. Worth a try though! x

  2. Hello. That caramel lace looks lovely. And on banana bread, yum!

    Here I am back from my knitsofacto break and you're off on a break of your own. Hope you're having a good time.


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