June 25, 2014

Just keep stitching...

I'm still plugging away at my little sampler, and reading the same book. I haven't made much progress with either, because since my oral surgery adventure I've spent most of my time in pain or doing something else. And it is surprisingly difficult to crochet a motif while holding an ice pack to your jaw. Nevertheless, I have finished the rose, made an adorable little leaf (I think it's the picots that make it so cute), and started a fun spiral-thing.

It is all passably photographed on my favourite apron. However, I really should get a new camera. I've been stuck with nothing but my phone for ages now, and I'm starting to feel very limited. Right now I don't have room for one in my budget, so I will have to put up with some graininess for a bit longer, but it is on the list. Along with a new violin (my bank account weeps at the thought, but one does what one must when they need a more advanced instrument).

Due to a new resolution I have been cooking more, and taking more passable photographs. More on that to come later. For now I am linking up with Ginny's lovely Yarn Along.

Slán go fóill, 

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about all your tooth pain, how horrible. I hope it's feeling better now. I've never had any wisdom teeth out but I understand it's incredibly painful. Take care. x


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