June 7, 2014

In which moving is a pain, but instead of whining about it I decide to talk about other things.

So. First of all, I made this little ribbon substitute for a friend's birthday last month. I was shipping her gift to Tennessee, and was reluctant to either send it off with no bow or one that might be squashed between states. Anyhow it turned out rather well, and I wanted to use it for a yarn along post but I kept missing Wednesdays.

Imagining this much tea in one place nearly short-circuited my brain with happiness. 

Wednesday was my birthday, so I went to the museum and took pictures of old cars and hotel registers and things. It was great. I hadn't been since they built a new building for it a few years ago, which had made me feel like a fraud of a museum-lover. To be honest though, I think I liked it better the way it was. Not that it isn't fun and wonderful now, but before it was just as fun and wonderful, although smaller. And it was very quaint and inviting. The atmosphere of the new building is, to my mind, too industrial.

And on Thursday I took Mishka to the fountain park for the first time. He was intimidated by them at first but warmed up to the idea quickly, though not quickly enough to prevent his stuffed elephant from getting soaked. It was a successful outing. Mishka was well behaved and adorable, and my display of healthy-but-good-tasting snack packing and child management skills made me feel like super-nanny. Which is just a couple of steps below Mary Poppins.


In other news, I had planned a giveaway for this week in honour of my birthday, but I've just moved and don't know where anything is. So that will happen as soon as I've found it.

Also, I have ordered a Miss Juniper Kitty softie kit from Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy. Though I have (very) meager sewing skills I have not yet begun to panic, even though this means I shall have to make frequent trips to the fabric store to use their sewing machines. I am buoyed up on a wave of completely unjustifiable self-confidence. The recipient is still undecided, but as I shopped I found myself listing all the little girls in my parish. "I could give it to Hannah. Or Abbie. Or Ava or Giovanna... Goodness if I turn out to be good at this I can order more and make one for each!" Oh my, such enthusiasm. We'll see how it's holding up when I have to do the sleeves.

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