May 11, 2013

Don't go tripping over a stool that's not in your way.

 Last Sunday I went early to the First Communion party of two little girls I know.  My job?  Decorating the cakes.  'Twas a lot of fun, though it took at least two hours from start to finish.  Mix the icing, pick the colours, cake number one, cake number two.  Did you see the little dots in the middle of that sunflower?  My wrist still remembers those.  Anyhow, I felt quite accomplished when I was done, despite the wobbling hands. 

Speaking of hands, guess who is playing the piano part of the medley from the Hobbit film with a student orchestra?  The advanced student orchestra at the music school where I take violin lessons is performing a Hobbit medley piece in their spring concert in eight days precisely.  And I, dear reader, am very excited to be playing it with them.  My part is simple (the teacher joked that I could play it upside down, probably to distract me from having only three weeks of rehearsal), and echoes the cello part some of the time.  Sadly, the piano in the larger practice room is electric.  I look forward to performing it with everyone on a real piano.

By the way, if you have been trying to figure out what the title, the cakes, and the music have in common, you can relax now.  The answer is nothing in particular, just things that have happened to me recently.  As far as tripping over the stool is concerned... no comment, except that I'm really not clumsy at all.  Honest.

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  1. Hope the Hobbit performance went well :)

    Great cakes!


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