May 25, 2013

Belated retrospect on a musical weekend

It really began before the weekend, but late in the week, when a package arrived by mail from the lovely Madame Stephanie of millefeuilles. The contents were a giveaway prize of a lovely classical harp cd in equally lovely wrapping. (See the ribbon? It's still in my hair.) Now, the point of this is to be thankful, not to brag, just so you all know. But I can't help being excited, as I've only won a prize once before. It was a very large adult sized bicycle that I won at age six and had to give away.

Thursday evening I played background music on the piano for a home school group end-of-year banquet; Friday I went to a friend's house where she made me play the violin in front of people, which was not as bad as it could have been; Sunday was the orchestra recital. I do not have any photographs because I was in the recital and could not take them myself, and also because I couldn't ask anyone to take some for me since I'd forgotten my camera.

I think it was the most enjoyable recital I have ever done. I loved playing with the orchestra, and as a pianist sometimes I get lonely.

So, since I have no pictures of that, how about a few of the rose bush looking gorgeous? As you can see, it turned out to be red.

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