January 28, 2013

On teacups, mostly

Teacups are lovely little things. Dainty and classically charming, they also make their user appear so as well. How can one not smile while holding such a delicate little handle?

Link here.

The one thing they lack, however, is practicality. I would have to drink at least five cupfuls in a sitting. So my pretty teacups remain in the cupboard, awaiting their next tea party and sighing wistfully as I continue to use more mug-like cups.

The little saucer, by the way, says "Eat Me". Link.

I console myself by imagining that eventually I will be able to use them all the time, on that fine day when my closet becomes immaculately tidy and I learn to play the violin.


In other news, I have been working on crocheting a baby sweater for a friend, whose son shall make an appearance in a few months. All I have left is to sew on the buttons. It's been rather an involved project, and when it is finished photographs shall be taken and displayed accordingly.

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