May 7, 2014

Lately, I have been...

Finishing the food from this year's Easter basket. This year's cream cheese with pepper corns, pictured above, came out better than last year's, but the colour photos were all awful.

Valiantly not devouring all of my boss' candy, which is made of only pure cane syrup and pure maple syrup and just might be the Best Thing Ever. I had to get some for my mom for Mothers' Day. Shh.

Back at the Children's Museum. Quite a bit. (Note: Photographs taken whilst having fun are often blurry.) The elephant is Eli, Mishka's absolutely definitely positively Favourite Object on Earth. If anything ever happens to it, none of us will ever sleep again.

Under the bridge.

And over it. Just on the other side of those trees and buildings is the ocean. You can see it from the top of the bridge, but I was too slow with my camera and missed it.

Blowing lots of bubbles.

Driving English style in the grocery store cart. The seat belt on the left side was broken.

And also...

Not crocheting. For shame.

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