September 27, 2013

Apparently I am not very good at introspection.

Vintage photo that I found... somewhere.

I find myself suffering from a lack of material. There is the almost-completed gift that I have yet to even attempt to photograph. I did make lemon poppy-seed muffins yesterday which turned out delicious and looking lovely, though they came from a box mix. But still, I don't think I could squeeze a post out of that with no pictures.

Therefore, I decided to try writing about myself a bit. Undoubtedly it is not something I am good at doing, but I think I've been tight-lipped so far. And I've noticed that the blogs that I enjoy reading the most are personality driven. I read them because yes, I enjoy the content and seeing the interesting things people do or make, but more importantly because the writers themselves are interesting. Unfortunately, I don't usually consider myself to be a very interesting person, though I do try. I had to write a two minute self-introductory speech in the tenth grade; it was the hardest assignment of the class. I am eccentric at heart, but too shy to be interesting.

And yet here I am, dear reader. So to begin, I live in a relatively small town in Florida, where it is too hot and there are palm trees everywhere. The common opinion seems to dictate that palm trees are tropical and exude exoticism; I think they look scruffy. But I have become very attached to living near the ocean. I was born in Florida, so I learned to swim when I was a year old. Then I forgot over the winter and had to learn it again when I was two.

I would like to travel in the future, because you hear about all these interesting places and I'd rather see them in person than in a travel guide. So far I haven't been out of my time zone. It seems travel requires money. My first destination is Ireland; I've had an inexplicable fascination with it as long as I can remember.

For now, I play the piano and the violin, read a lot, write (or procrastinate about writing), crochet, and take photographs of the crafty and culinary things I make. Right now I am listening to "Wind and Rain" by Julie Fowlis, one of several song versions of an Irish/Scottish legend. Such is my life.

Also, I am a nanny, and I make souffles.



  2. Everyone is interesting, honestly, but I think perhaps you have to recognise what's interesting about you before you see that ... an ocean loving, souffle making violin player with Celtic dreams sounds like a fascinating person to me :)


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