July 16, 2013

On days like today...


 We only have three seasons here in Florida: hot, hotter-and-wet, and mostly-warm-but-occasionally-chilly. Though I do like rain, I never realized before how difficult it is to photograph. Post-rainstorm pictures are simple enough, but I tried and tried to get a decent photo of it actually raining. That last one is the only one I could get that is close to what I wanted, and between the naturally-tilted tree and the slanted rain, it looks crooked.

But on days like today I prefer to get the dull but necessary tasks out of the way, because they are perfect for sitting down with Dickens and a cup of tea. Or trying to put all the patterns you want to use in some sort of chronological order. Or playing this song on the piano.

I hope you are all having a pleasant week.

1 comment:

  1. It's very hot here in the UK, hotter than it was in Miami today apparently, but no rain. And I'm kinda hoping it stays that way for now, dry heat is so much easier to cope with! I think our gardens would welcome a spot of your rain though.


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