June 23, 2013

I have not dropped off the face of the earth.

No I haven't. Promise. I've just been busy doing many uninteresting everyday things. Although I had a birthday, the camera never made it out so the whole day went undocumented. And it's funny, in that not-funny-but-odd sort of way, because as far as I can tell birthdays typically make one feel old, but mine only made me feel young and inexperienced.

So I did the obvious thing: I wrote my first crochet pattern. It was an idea for birthday presents for two little girls, and turned out much better than I had anticipated. The only hitch was writing it down in pattern form, since I just made it up as I went along the first time and had to figure out what I'd done afterward... Anyway, it is pretty much done now, and will be posted here within a few days.

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