February 24, 2013

"You Are My Sunshine"

I have never attempted to photograph any of my crochet projects before, and had no idea how difficult it was. Arrange so it isn't bumpy, try to keep the sleeves from sticking straight out, make sure you can see the stitches...

This is the previously mentioned baby sweater. It is made of baby yarn in pale yellow. It was given to me without a label, so I don't know the minute details. I decided to use the yellow because at the time I was uninformed as to whether I was making it for a boy or a girl, and thought yellow would suit either equally.

The pattern I found in an old Needlecraft magazine that I bought from a thrift store (Fall-Winter, 1955-1956). Most of the patterns are to knit, one of those things I've been meaning to learn.

I entered it into the county fair earlier this month. It won Best of Show. Very exciting! And now I have a lovely rosette with which to flaunt my talent at the world. Sadly, the photos showing the hanging-down ribbons didn't turn out.

I think the most difficult part may actually have been sewing the buttons on in a straight line. After a few attempts though, the overall effect is pleasingly linear.

Honestly, I am mainly pleased to have finished on time.

Next on the agenda: Find a nicer font for the blog's header. I'm dissatisfied with the current one. It's too... spidery, perhaps? I can't seem to think of the proper adjective.

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